Bible Study Series: Scheme of Redemption

We would like to formally invite all of our neighbors, friends and community to come join us at the Three Forks church of Christ for a special Bible Study series starting January 3, 2016. This series will be  entitled, “Scheme of Redemption.”  The series will look at God’s plan to redeem man as he revealed it through the time and the human story.  This will be a wonderful opportunity to increase your understanding of God’s beautiful and amazing work to redeem mankind from sin.

Some of the lessons that we will look at:

  • Redemption Purposed and Planned
  • The Seed Promise from the Garden to the Flood
  • The Two-fold promise given to Abraham
  • The Historical Progression of the Promised Seed
  • The Seed in Prophecy and Promise
  • And the Seed Promised Realized

We will also look at some additional concepts in this study such as interpretation guidelines for prophecy, understanding of covenant and more.

We hope you will join us for this series as we deepen our knowledge and appreciation of the words and work of God.

Starting January 3, 2016

9am Adult Bible Class (auditorium)

Teacher: Nick Secula


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