We are very blessed here at Three Forks with a vibrant and growing youth group.  Our youth are a vital piece of the family here and are a source of great energy and encouragement.

Our youth are encouraged in various ways and through a number of activities to learn of Jesus, to learn more about themselves, to discover talents and to be involved in their faith.  Some of the activities engage are listed below along with a media player of some past youth video projects.

We hope if you are family in our area looking for a congregation where you whole family can grow, you will give us a visit.

Vacation Bible School: Every year we put on a 3 day vacation Bible School in which encourage the entire family to come be apart of.  We feature classes fro every age including adults and we engage our young people through lessons, well decorated class rooms, skits and singing.  We always end with a Saturday full of fun including singing, skits, outdoor activities.


 Taylor Christian Camp:  Every summer or kids spend a week at Bible Camp with other area youth.  The time of learning fellowship and activities is tremendous encouragement to not only our youth but our families.  This is always full of memories.

SHINE:  Shine is our annual youth rally and is spectacular event for all involved.

It is an opportunity to engage our youth, the youth of sister congregation as well as the youth of our community with powerful and engaging lessons.  The days consists of singing, skits, lessons and other activities.  It is our biggest event of the year.

Youth Nights and Participation:  We encourage our young men to get involved an to participate through youth nights were our young men lead our services as well as other opportunities through the year.  We encourage our young ladies in the same way through our Ladies Day program and on occasion through our Ladies Bible Study program.

Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes:  This program has been helping to build our young people for decades in the church.  Our leadership has decided this year to get our young people involved in the program.  The program enhances what we already do with our youth as well as open up new opportunities to search out talents, to grow in using those talents, to fellowship and just to learn about God.

This program includes everything from community service projects, to art projects to service training in song leading, speaking and scripture reading.  We look forward to the opportunities this program will put in front of our young people.


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