Personal Bible Study

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; A good understanding have all those who do His commandments. His praise endures forever.” – Psalm 111:10

Many people today are struggling with purpose and to find their place in life.  There is a constant struggle with questions like; Where did we come from?  Where are we going?  Why does it matter?  No one is immune to these grasps at meaning, these questions are shared among all of us. We have all wondered about the things of life, but where have we sought the answers?  Some have confided in professors, philosophers and modern-day gurus,  others seek out shows like Oprah or Dr. Phil. These venues often do not provide answers but we are drawn to them for they bring a feeling of commonality with others of the human family.  I would like to encourage you to seek out another source, one I believe you will find far superior if you spend some honest time with.  Of course that source is God.

It seems many people have established their views of God, church, religion through a very surface view of the subject.  They have not truly spent an honest diligent search in the matters of Theology.  They have accepted God out of and through the traditions of their families, or they rejected Him out of an appearance of intellect and human progress.  Others just struggle through life unsure about anything beyond the pain and challenge of the everyday realities they face.  There is something more than tradition, socially acceptable intellectualism and the struggle of life.  It takes a pursuit of those things which are from above and the one to whom blesses life itself.

I want to extend an invitation on behalf of the Three Forks family for your consideration of a personal Bible study.  We know it can be intimidating sometimes to go to a church that you have never been to, and though we would encourage your vising with us (you will receive a warm and friendly welcome) we want you to know we are willing to sit down with you personally to study these things.  If you would be interested in a personal study or a small group study we would love to hear from you.  Feel free to contact me by email: on facebook (you can look for my personal page or the Three Forks church of Christ page) or you can use this from below.  There is a place for you to grow at Three Forks!

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Please note we can only provide in person Bible studies with those in our area.  We encourage you to seek out a local congregation of the churches of Christ in your area if you live to far away.  May God bless your pursuit of knowledge and understanding.  May it lead to a life changing relationship with Jesus the Christ.

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