Reversing The Trend

ReversingTheTrend1The Three Forks church of Christ will be offering a special sermon series, starting in June, entitled Reversing the Trend.  The series will be an in focus study and presentation from the word of God regarding marriage and the home.   Marriage and the family are under increased strain, attack and fatigue in our modern society.  We can reverse the trend, but  we will have to go back to being taught what marriage and family are all about from the Designer, God Himself.  When nearly 1 out of every 2 marriages end in divorce we know there is something missing in so many of our homes today.  We want to officially invite you to  join us for this special series.  Messages will be delivered during the Morning preaching service as well as the evening service.

Our times of service are 9 am Bible Study and 10 am Preaching Service on Sunday morning.  Our worship service is at 6 pm on Sunday evenings.

God designed the home and the marriage covenant to be a blessing.  Come join us as we explore the wonderful institution that God has made and seek to restore our hearts and homes to the blessings God intended.


Reversing the Trend  ReversingTheTrend2

June 1st morning sermon – The State of Marriage

June 8thmorning sermon – God’s Pattern for Marriage

evening service – Before Marriage

June 15th morning sermon – Expectations

evening service – Blessing in the Home

June 22nd morning sermon – Christ is the Goal of Change

evening service – Stepping Toward One Another

June 29th morning sermon – The Two Swords of Value

July 6th morning sermon – Some Thoughts for Parents

evening service – Home of the Soul

July 13th morning sermon – Communication

evening service – Spiritual Leadership


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