New Class Begins February 23rd — Timothy and Titus

We are gearing up for a new course at the Three Forks School of Biblical Studies.  We will begin a 12 lesson course on 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus on February 23, 2016.  Class will be at 7pm.   This course will be a wonderful study in practical ministry and leadership.  Class will be available for audit or credit.   We hope you will make plans to join us!

Premise: The study of Timothy and Titus is a close look into the personal letters of the apostle Paul written to two sons in the faith. His concern is their faithfulness and the well-being of the churches in Ephesus and Crete. These letters give us a glimpse into the issues of that time, which are not very different from ours. Paul presents a workable pattern to follow that is essential for those who desire to imitate these great servants.

Course Objective: This study will encourage the student to examine the instruction, pattern, and will of God for all churches that believe in the need to identify with the New Testament church. Leadership is very much at the heart of the study showing  us that the church will not go if her leadership does not lead.
Course Fee: $20 per student. This includes your study guide.
Credit students (see the administrator for information)

The administrator for the course will be Darrell Wallace.  For more information you can contact us at
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