Putting God’s Word to Work

bible_hammer_web by Darrell Wallace, Administrator

A working knowledge of the word of God is essential. A casual knowledge, or a passing acquaintance, with a few biblical subjects will not be enough to secure a spiritual foundation for the future. How many churches are dying? Sadly, many faithful servants of the gospel will see the congregations with which they serve fade away within the next fifteen to twenty years. But must that chapter be written? We refuse to think so. We refuse to believe that the remaining chapter in the history of Lord’s church should end with the words, THE END. Luke 12:43 says, “It will be good for that servant whom the master finds doing so when he returns” (NIV). Doing what? Working!

Every Christian should work toward a fundamental knowledge of these 14 subjects.

  1. The nature and character of God
  2. The Deity and Humanity of Jesus the Christ
  3. The life and teaching of Jesus
  4. The gifts of and the work of the Holy Spirit
  5. The redemptive plan and purpose of God
  6. Christian evidences: internal and external
  7. How to study God’s Bible (beginning with the covenants)
  8. The teachings and body life of the New Testament church
  9. Christian worship the glorifies God
  10. Spiritual development and discipline
  11. The Christian Home and family, the basic unit of faith
  12. Church history, successes and failures
  13. Evangelism, mission and church planting
  14. Eschatology, which is the study of last things

At Three Forks School of Biblical Studies you will not merely become aware of these things – you will have a working knowledge of them that will change the future. I invite you to the challenge that will change your life.


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