Course Program

Three Forks Bible Institute Certificate of Christians Studies

12 Courses

Can take for audit or for credit*.  Only credit students who maintain a B or higher will be eligible to receive the Certificate of Christian Studies.  Any course taken where a B has not been achieved can be retaken.


100 – Old Testament Survey
 110 – New Testament Survey
 111 – Life of Christ
 112 – Scheme of Redemption
 200 – New Testament Church
 210 – Understanding Covenants
 211 – Church History I
 212 – Church History II
 300 – Apologetics
 310 – Christian Relationships
 311 – Christian Home
 320 – Making Disciples

The course layout is designed to teach and equip the student to have a working knowledge and practical application of Christian teaching.  We hope to expand our course offerings in the future.



* – Please note that credit refers to credit towards the Three Forks Bible Institute Certificate of Christian Studies and does not suggest ability to transfer to other institutions.  Three Forks Bible Institute exists for personal edification, enlightenment and equipping and is not an accredited institution.


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