100 Old Testament Survey

Course Offering:  January 16, 2018 – April 3

(1) Attendance to live class. You must participate in the live class each week for full credit. There will also be a weekly discussion question you will need to answer and engage in conversation with to receive full credit each week.
(2) A midterm exam will be given after lesson six. (It will be open book/open notes)
(3) A final exam will be given at the end of the course after lesson twelve. (It will be open book/open note)*
(4) A research paper will be required by the end of class (5-6 pages).

*Note: Please make sure you study the material and not solely rely on the exams being open book or open note. This material is for your enrichment and understanding of scripture. The point is not simply to score a certain grade but to increase your knowledge and familiarity with these subjects.

Class Lessons:
Lesson 1: Introduction – Old Testament Layout and Writing Styles
Lesson 2: Trustworthy Documents I
Lesson 3: Trustworthy Documents II
Lesson 4: Creation Account
Lesson 5: The Fall of Man
Lesson 6: A Family to Bless All Families
 Open book test over first 6 lessons
Lesson 7: The Making of a Nation
Lesson 8: The Giving of the Law
Lesson 9: Israel I – Entering Canaan thru the Judges
Lesson 10: Israel II – The United Kingdom
Lesson 11: Israel III – The Divided Kingdom
Lesson 12 – The Messiah’s Kingdom
 Open Book Final
 Final Paper Due

Evaluation Procedures:
Attendance is mandatory- Class attendance and participation counts for 2% of grade for each class- 24% of overall grade
Two tests – Open Book worth 20% of overall grade each, 40% total
Final evaluation paper – worth 36%

Total 100%

The class can be taken as audit or as credit towards our Certificate in Christian Studies.

To take the course please contact Nick Secula at nsecula@live.com or use the contact information below:

This course registration is closed.  Please check back for future offering times of this course.