Potential Students

Do you desire a deeper, more in depth study of the scriptures? Have your schedule, finances or other circumstances kept you from going to school to pursue that desire? This Bible School might be just what you are looking for!

Welcome to the Three Forks Bible Institute. The school is specifically designed to teach Christians desiring a greater understanding of the Word of God.  It’s purpose is to equip and teach so that Christians can engage in a greater walk with God and are better equipped to share their faith with the community around them.  Our brotherhood has many great schools, but this school differs in a couple unique ways.  1. It is free!  The only cost is your time and effort. 2. It is designed specifically for Christians, not just those seeking to preach or to enter a formal ministry.  This means the classes are geared directly towards Christians building understanding for greater walk in faith.

1 thought on “Potential Students

  1. Mollie Janet Tucker

    I would like to audit your courses. I am a recent retiree and live in Waldorf, Maryland. I am interested in studying the Bible for my personal growth and enrichment. Please let me know if this is possible and who I can contact to get started. I am excited about this opportunity. Thanks!

    Mollie Janet

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