About The School

The Three Forks Bible Institute began in 2013 as the Three Forks School of Biblical Studies under the direction of Darrell Wallace and the oversight of the Three Forks church of Christ eldership. The school was an affiliate school of Sunset International Bible Institute out of Lubbock, TX. In the summer of 2017, it was decided by leadership of the school to take the school in a different path.

Now at the Three Forks Bible Institute our main focus is on “training everyday Christians to teach Christ everyday!” Our change of direction has been met with a change in academic platform. The Three Forks Bible Institute now offers courses specifically intended to help train up everyday Christians to be better equipped to share their faith everyday. To this end, the school offers a new Basic Christian Studies program.



Three Forks Bible Institute does not hold an accreditation from any accrediting body.  We exist with a purpose to teach and train individuals, preachers and leaders in the word of God, in ministry and in the sharing of their faith.  Courses from our own school are designed to teach and train, but carry no “credit” value outside the school at this time.

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