The Women of Worth program here at Three Forks church of Christ has so many wonderful activities. The WOW ladies are just that, WOW!! They really are Women of Worth. From our monthly bible studies, to our yearly ladies day, and the many other activities throughout the year, these ladies work hard to show everyone around how important Jesus is in their lives.

5frontcloseupEach month we have a bible study class and we enjoy seeing new faces anytime we can get the chance to share our love of Christ with you! The topics are varied and we enjoy discussing God’s word together in a safe and healthy environment. After each class we enjoy snacks and fellowship with one another as we strengthen our bond and renew our spirits.

In the fall, we celebrate what it means to be women in God’s kingdom. We have a community wide ladies day with a guest speaker and special theme. It is a joyous day to be together, sing and worship, and study from His word lessons that encourage us as women.

Each December, thanks to the wonderful creativity of two of our very special sisters, the ladies of Three Forks are treated to a very special Christmas event. It is always a magical time, and always exciting to see the new surprise theme and decorations. We enjoy a wonderful potluck style meal where everyone has made something extraordinary and we enjoy the feeling of celebrating another wonderful year spent encouraging and supporting one another. This is an event everyone looks forward to each year as it makes us all feel like royalty. There is also a very fun and unique gift exchange you don’t want to miss!

We hope you will come visit us at Three Forks and take some time to come to some of our ladies events. Let us share in the beauty of being sisters in Christ!

God Made Sisters”
(Tune: “Let The Beauty of Jesus Be Seen In You”)

God made sisters and oh, what a joyful thing.
Caring, sharing events that a day may bring.
When you’re needing a friend, Time with you I will spend.
God made sisters and oh, what a joyful thing.

When your cup overflows and you need to share.
Joy or sorrow of heart that you cannot bear,
I’ll respond to your need, Both in thought and in deed,
God made sisters and oh, what a joyful thing.

God made sisters and blessed us with so much love.
Love we share with each other that’s from above.
On your love I depend, When I’m needing a friend.
God made sisters and oh, what a joyful thing.

We are sisters in Christ and His name we wear.
Our lives glorify Him if His love we share.
If we let our love show, Close in heart we will grow.
God made sisters and oh, what a joyful thing.

Author Unknown


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